Single Too Long And Over It
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Real talk: being single is absolutely amazing.


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Story from Relationships. Maria Del Russo. I was recently on a first date when the guy I was with asked when my last serious relationship was. It's a fairly typical first date question, so I answered truthfully: My most recent boyfriend and I ended things a little over three years ago. I was seriously taken aback.

ShitI thought. Have I been single for so long that I've missed the boat for a happy relationship? It's not just me, either.

People are constantly quantifying their love lives — how many dates they've been on, how many Tinder messages they've gotten, how many exes they have. Hence my question: Is there such a thing as being single for too long? The answer is, of course, no. Part of the reason why is because there's no set definition as what "being single" actually looks like.

2. you become really lazy.

Costa says. That answer will differ depending on who you ask.

Take me, for example. I think that I've been technically single since my relationship with my last serious boyfriend ended. But that's not to say I haven't had other kinds of relationships.

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I've had an on-again, off-again friends-with-benefits relationship with the same guy since that "serious" relationship ended. I've also had a couple of relationships that have lasted a few months, but the term "boyfriend" was never used. Still, I consider myself having been single, even during those relationships, because they never got to be what I consider "serious. Thankfully, the actual s aren't important. Stubbs says. Were you just invited to another wedding and comparing yourself? Instead of trying to nitpick the length of your single life and figure out what's wrong, it could help to reframe this time of your life.

Stubbs adds that this is a fantastic time to focus on the things you want to do.

So sure, the s may say I've been single for what some people consider a hell of a long time. But I've done a lot of growing in that timetoo.

And I'm pretty happy with that. Related Video:.

1. you get a cat.

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There are a lot of people who choose to be single and are perfectly fine with living their lives on their own.


On more than one occasion, you have gone out with friends specifically with the intention of meeting someone at the bar, and have completely ignored the company you actually came with.