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By jewel21April 19, in Roswell, New Mexico. And already the comments were not kind to Maria or Heather But that's to be expected unfortunately.


So Much for the Afterglow is right. After an enjoyable pilot, Roswell, New Mexico comes crashing down to earth in episode 2. I had a lot of issues with this episode, but the biggest one was with Max Evans. If you watched the original series, you may know where this is going. I was hoping Roswell, New Mexico would never go there.

I knew Max had been casually dating someone in this series, and was fine with it. But dating someone else while Liz was gone for ten years is totally different from being ready to get together with Liz one minute, then shagging his second choice ten minutes later. Yet here we are, in episode two. Very disappointing. Michael needs two people to love him. How many women is he lying to and manipulating? If I can stand to keep watching a show that assassinates beloved characters so badly. In this episode, all 3 aliens are unlikable, and the show hinges on the audience rooting for them.

The graveyard closed at sunset, so Liz jumped the gate to get in. And at night, for privacy from prying eyes. He has his good boy hat on, so he dutifully drives her back to the Crashdown Cafe. Heck, yes. They say goodnight, but then Liz, who is the queen of mixed messages, stops him to say that the handprint is almost faded and they should meet at dawn the next day for that kiss.

They leave it open. He makes the lights buzz and pop. Or maybe that was Klaus and Caroline, teased forever, never fulfilled, but he got to have a baby with someone else, somewhere else, just like Max, Liz and Tess.

Master Sergeant Manes is still holding Kyle hostage.

I knew someone in this show would go for it. He forcing Kyle to look at photos of shriveled corpses and listen to old war stories, without food or water breaks, an actual form of torture. But Kyle is strong. Manes really talks like this. He neglects to give any details about how Hector actually died, like if he was accidentally in the way of the crash, if he fired first, or if an entire platoon descended on a few scared aliens.

Except, oops, he just did. If Manes bothers to do anything legally to begin with. Max is back at the station, pouting over Liz like the obsessive, alien, white, male stalker he is.

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His partner and friend with benefits, Jenna Cameron, s him. The show thinks it makes her cool to insult young women.

Next Jenna shares that a witness identified Gerardo Guerrara as the diner shooter. Max checks the traffic cam footage to see if it agrees with the witness statement. He tells Jenna that the violence against the diner has all had a racist edge to it. The traffic cam shows a jeep that belongs to Wyatt Long, the brother of one of the girls killed the same night as Rosa Ortecho. Jenna is taken aback.

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He apologizes, saying that a long time ago, he let Liz down. He just wants to do right by her. Liz is woken up in the middle of the night by sounds coming from downstairs in the diner.

Michael is just there to intimidate Liz by throwing knives at cakes. Because if Liz was good enough for Max, she would have overcome the alien manipulation and come running back to him, right?

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Not that Max followed her and tried to rekindle anything. Or stayed faithful himself. Their big bombshell is that Liz had a fiance in Denver. She says she broke up with him.

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He says she ghosted on him. I can tell you from extensive personal experience that she could have broken up with him several times, to his face, in writing, etc.

They close in on Liz, physically and verbally threatening her. Max swoops in the door and punches Michael in the face.

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Yet she had nothing to say when Michael blasted Max across a room in the first episode. Liz comes downstairs the next day ready for work, but finds the diner empty. Arturo decided that it was safest to keep the diner closed, with the way the violence has escalated. Christmas means she wants the red and the green. She wants him to move to San Diego with her. As he lists some of his favorite memories, Liz inserts bad memories of Rosa.

Arturo tells his daughter that she needs to find a way to get past her anger and forgive her sister, or the bad memories will fester. Michael drives back to the ranch, where he finds Alex waiting for him to tell him that the sale on the land has closed. Michael has 24 hours to move his trailer. I was pretty wasted?

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Alex is confused, then laughs at him when he figures out that Michael is referring to the legendary crash. Kyle calls Liz back in for a follow-up exam. She tells him her bruise is gone. Kyle agrees to get the file for her, but advises her to focus on her memories rather than the science.

She apologizes for being out so late and being so codependent with Max. Isobel decides that Michael would be a better choice for her surrogate Max-whisperer. She asks if Max believes in God. Max gives in and shows her the times he observed Rosa and Liz together. He tries to stop, but Liz makes him show her the last one, a time when Rosa shoved him away. They almost kiss, but Jenna interrupts with a police call. Over at the Wild Pony, Michael is drinking an appetizing mix of whiskey and acetone. Michael is understandably skeptical, since Max punched him in the face a few hours ago.

Jenna and Max visit the ranch where Wyatt Long and his bros are having a loud party, supposedly to honor his dead sister. Max go Wyatt into a shooting match with Jenna, which she easily wins. He gave the FFT a chance to show off her skills and undermined both her and her abilities, all at the same time.

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What a prize. They specifically insult Michael as riffraff, though Maria notices that he grew up to be hot, in a trailer trash kind of way. Liz s them next and they share a group hug. Rosa wrote the lyric on her hand the night she died, while she was at the Wild Pony with Maria. Rosa had taken benzos and barbituates, which would make her pass out. There was blunt force trauma to the head, meaning she experienced a severe blow to the head. Possibly caused by hitting her head in the car crash, possibly the blow killed her before the crash and someone used the accident to cover up the murder.

The autopsy is consistent with a drug addict who drove into a tree. But Kyle remembers when Rosa had her appendix out, and this report shows that her appendix was still there.

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