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Updated: May 25, pm. Hmmmmmmm, if they execute gays in the Middle East, then Mr. Watson had the right idea. Just kidding, folks, don't get in a tizzy.


This is mostly about sports, and then mostly about baseball. You got a problem with that? Make your own blog.

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Post a Comment. The Bridegrooms win, in 8 innings. It seated 4, people. It was home to the Rochester Royals from towinning the title in the National Basketball League in and the National Basketball Association in More on that later. He would later semi-anglicize his name to Ralph Arthur Pinelli, He played in the major leagues, mostly as a 3rd baseman, from to Inwith the Cincinnati Reds, he led the National League in games played, with -- keeping in mind that the schedule was then games, but there were 2 games called due to darkness.

Inhe was named a National League umpire. That would be Babe Ruth's last year in the majors, with the Boston Braves. He was told by the other umpires that he should never call a strike on Ruth. But he got behind home plate, and called a strike on Ruth. The Bambino turned around and yelled at the rookie umpire -- some rookie, they were born the same year -- "There's 40, people in this park that know that was a ball, tomato-head!

He umpired in 6 World Series:, and After the last of these, he retired. His last game behind the plate was Game 5 of that Series, Don Larsen's perfect game. This is why Puerto Rico -- and Cuba, too, and even the Dominican Republic, even though it is currently independent -- love baseball, when most of the former Spanish colonies in the New World prefer soccer, and the former British colonies in the New World prefer cricket.

The world knew her as Lotte Lenya. InLouis Armstrong recorded "Mack the Knife," but got the words wrong, and inserted her name into it. InBobby Darin recorded it the same way, and it not only hit 1, it remains the biggest-selling single in New York City history. Lotte Lenya died inand, today, most Americans only know her from the Bond film and being mentioned in "Mack the Knife. Working for The New Yorker from until his death inhe wrote superbly on many subjects, particularly boxing and horse racing.

Liebling Award for writing about the sport. October 18, Harold Marsh no middle name is born in Silton, Saskatchewan.

A right wing, "Mush" March played 17 seasons for the Chicago Blackhawks, helping them reach the Stanley Cup Finals in, and The Hawks won inwith his goal in double overtime of Game 4 giving them a 3-games-to-1 win, and making himself the 1st player to clinch the Cup with an overtime goal; and again in The puck was preserved.

On February 13,he dropped that very same puck for a ceremonial faceoff at the last game at the Gardens, also between the Hawks and the Toronto Maple Leafs. He died inthe last survivor of the '34 Cup winners.

He is not in the Hockey Hall of Fame, but he should be. October 18, John Feggo Jr. We knew him as Kirk Alyn.

In the serial Supermanhe became the 1st live-action Man of Steel. He played the Man of Tomorrow again in the serial Atom Man vs. He was already 37 years old when he was first cast.

Inhe was replaced by another man who started as a song-and-dance man, George Reeves -- who was less than 4 years younger. Alyn played another comic book hero, Blackhawkinbut he was hopelessly typecast, the 1st example of "The Curse of Superman. He died in But Jim Thorpe, then playing for the Giants, is the main attraction during the global tour, due to his fame from the Olympics. TCU wins, We knew him as Victor Sen Yung. He played Jimmy Chan, the " two son," in the Charlie Chan movies of the s and '40s. If there was a movie from The Good Earth or a TV show from an episode of The Adventures of Superman until his death in that required Chinese or Asian, or even Hawaiian characters, he was in it.

But he's best known for playing Hop Sing, the cook at the Ponderosa Ranch on Bonanza throughout the show's run, from to But he was cast as a stereotype, a submissive, broken-English-speaking Asian who only stood up to people when it was necessary to keep the huge, ever-hungry Hoss out of his kitchen -- and one time when he used kung fu, which didn't help the stereotype. It cannot take true effect until the war ends. Czechoslovakia would be under Nazi control from toand Communist control from to and its "Velvet Revolution.

He was smart. He was suave. He was cool. His rise, "Trudeaumania," made it look like John F. Kennedy was singing lead for the Beatles in French.

The man usually listed as "Pierre Elliott Trudeau" threw out the ceremonial first balls before the 1st Montreal Expos home game at Jarry Park inthe 1st Toronto Blue Jays game at Exhibition Stadium inand the 1st game the Expos played at their new home, the Olympic Stadium, also in As a sports participant, he was a brown belt in judo, and loved to ski in Quebec's Laurentian Mountains.

He was a reporter for The Raleigh Timesthen became an executive for its Gutless bicycle guy on Auburn at older women station, WRAL-Channel 5, delivering conservative editorials denouncing, as he put it, "the civil rights movement, the liberal news media, and anti-war churches. Senate, winning 5 terms, all the while denouncing civil rights, atheists, labor unions, feminists, abortion activists and gay people.

Ironically, while working at the newspaper, he had hired Armistead Maupin, who went on to become one of America's best-known gay-themed writers. Helms became one of the most loved, and one of the most hated, politicians in America. When he ran for his 4th term inhis Democratic opponent was Harvey Gantt, the black Mayor of Charlotte. Helms ran a campaign ad that showed a pair of white hands opening an envelope, then crumpling it up, as a rejection letter was read.

The voice-over said that the job the man had applied to had been given to a less qualified black person, because of federal regulations. Michael Jordan, who grew up in North Carolina and was the other most famous living citizen of the State, was asked to campaign for Gantt. He refused, saying, "Republicans buy sneakers, too. Jordan could have made a difference. Instead, he showed more loyalty to Nike than to North Carolina, or to America. Helms would have loved Trump's Presidency. Alas, he died inon July 4 he might have liked thatexactly 4 months before Barack Obama was elected the nation's 1st black President -- including having won the State of North Carolina.

October 18, The British Broadcasting Corporation begins radio broadcasting. It begins television service in It becomes renowned for sports programming, including, from onward, its soccer program Match of the Day. Layden scored a touchdown in the 2nd quarter, Crowley in the 3rd.

The great syndicated sports columnist Grantland Rice, based out of the New York Herald Tribuneheard Notre Dame's publicity director, George Strickler, cite the biblical Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, and wrote this opening paragraph, the most famous piece of sportswriting ever: Outlined against a blue-gray October sky, the Four Horsemen rode again. In dramatic lore their names are Death, Destruction, Pestilence, and Famine.

But those are aliases. Their real names are: Stuhldreher, Crowley, Miller and Layden. They formed the crest of the South Bend cyclone before which another fighting Army team was swept over the precipice at the Polo Grounds this afternoon as 55, spectators peered down upon the bewildering panorama spread out upon the green plain below.

They don't write 'em like that anymore: Not only was the s, as Rice himself later billed it, the Golden Age of Sports, it was the golden age of sportswriting, with Rice ed by such men as Ring Lardner, Paul Gallico, Jimmy Cannon and Damon Runyon.

Over the Horsemen's 3 seasons -- freshmen were not eligible to play varsity football at the time -- Notre Dame won 27 games and lost only 2, both away to Nebraska, plus a tie in an earlier game with Army.

They won the National Championship, defeating Ernie Nevers' Stanford squad in the Rose Bowl, with Layden returning 2 interceptions for touchdowns. Notre Dame would then refuse all bowl invitations until -- having been shamed into it because they refused to take on Texas for the National Championship in the year's Cotton Bowl. None of them was over 6 feet tall, and none weighed more than pounds.

But this was typical of football players of the Roaring Twenties. And no one today can question their toughness: In their 30 games together, they played in primitive protective equipment, played offense and defense, excelling on both sides, and played all 60 minutes with no substitutions. The line that protected them was nicknamed the "Seven Mules," to emphasize their crucial but less glamorous function. Football players wore uniform s before the other sports made them universal.

Layden wore 5, Miller 16, Crowley 18 and Stuhldreher They didn't do much in the pros. Steel, and wrote a couple of books about football. He died inonly 63 years old. He then went into business in Chicago, and died inage Miller, from Cleveland, coached at Georgia Tech, and then practiced law. He was appointed a U. Attorney for the Cleveland area by President Franklin D. Roosevelt, and died inage He became head coach at Michigan State and Fordham, where he coached a team that challenged for the National Championship in and '38, with a line known as the Seven Blocks of Granite, including 2 future Pro Football Hall-of-Famers.

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Two IHOP employees were on a smoke break around noon Tuesday, in the sun outside the Siegen Lane restaurant, when two masked men pulled up in a car, hopped out and started shooting.


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USC Gould is a top-ranked law school with a year history and reputation for academic excellence.